Seventeen years ago today. Nineteen terrorists + four commercial airplanes = a day of tragedy, a day of grief, but NOT a day for our country to give up or give in.

Thousands perished and tens of thousands injured. Amidst cries and chaos, burnt debris and broken structures, smoke and ashes, hundreds of first responders, firefighters, police officers, military personnel and civilians alike came together in solidarity to assist, while still in disbelief.


Millions across this nation and around the globe reached out with heartfelt prayers and acts of goodwill. And yes, ALL were in disbelief.


Rebuilding steel structures is a lot easier than rebuilding lives, yet the endurance and resolve of our American people is a true testament to the greatness knitting the very fabric of this nation.

Ubuntu: “I am because you are.” And WE are the great UNITED States of America.


Team BTL


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