June 3, 2020

Contact: Bill “Clark” Kent

(210) 467-5033

Bill “Clark” Kent, President of BTL Technologies, Inc., a Black-owned, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business located in San Antonio, Texas, shared these thoughts on racism and our call to action following the senseless, public murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police Officer:

Over 20 years ago​, a former ​United States President said​, “America is not a place, America is an ideal!” Those ​”ideas​” ​he spoke of are peace, liberty, prosperity, and justice for all. 

​It all sounded wonderful; however, ​those ideas have historically excluded Black ​Americans!  ​Even as his words were spoken, there was never a planned antidote for the virus of institutional racism–a virus even more insidious than Coronavirus–that had been woven into the fabric of America​ ​from its very start.  Well, the ​time for a cure is overdue!

We​’ve all ​heard the ​numerous names of Black victims who have lost their lives under this quilt of racism … the brutal murder of George Floyd just happens to be the tipping point! 

Many actions must be taken now at SpaceX speed!  A national conversation on race, comprehensive legislation enacted, economic & health disparities addressed and ​a push for black business growth ​are all a good start.  

But as Bernard Shaw stated during CNN’s 40th anniversary celebration, “a movement is being birthed in plain sight.”  A movement as profound as Civil Rights, fueled by a new generation whose patience has expired​. ​Their expectation of making real the ideals of America is NOW—history shows that ​profound ​ideas cannot be extinguished!

I will tell you that as a Black Man who came of age during the militancy of the late 60’s/early 70’s, I stand on the shoulders of ancestors who suffered worse treatment ​than what we see today.  Because of that, I am committed to ensuring a legacy of lifting up the future generations of ALL Americans. The call to action is noble and the time to implement is now!

BTL’s vision is to “empower our community.” Our mission is to “empower our customers.”  Our motto is to “empower our future.”  To that end, we support non-violent effort ​of empowerment to change the course of our country; to realize that elusive dream where my children’s, children’s, children’s, children will live and prosper in that ​”real” ideal place we call America!


BTL Technologies, Inc. (BTL), Black-owned and certified as a SDVOB since 2006, is headquartered in San Antonio, TX with a regional office in Montgomery, AL, and presence in 14 states. BTL offers world-class talent acquisition and placement solutions to Government and Commercial clients.  BTL also provides Cloud Services, Cybersecurity Remediation, Audit Readiness and Medical & Professional Staff Augmentation. For more information contact: Richard Thompson, Director of Government Relations & Acquisition Strategy, (210) 467-5033.

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