We at BTL Technologies, Inc. (BTL) are so blessed and super happy to have history-making greatness within our corporate family-mix!

On October 8, 2019, Steven Reed, first cousin to BTL Consultant, Terry Davis, was voted Montgomery, Alabama’s first Black mayor in the city’s history. Reed, 45 years old and a Morehouse College graduate, is no stranger to firsts, as prior to this mayoral role, he was Montgomery County’s first Black probate judge.

What a refreshing and long-overdue change for a city used to having America’s eyes on it for its controversial, yet life-changing events. For instance, Montgomery was where:

  • the 1960’s Civil-Rights Movement was birthed
  • Rosa Parks’ bravery in staying seated at the front of the bus spurred the successful Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Martin Luther King Jr. pastored Montgomery’s Dexter Ave Baptist Church
  • other iconic moments took place

Reed beat out opponent, TV station owner, David Woods, in a landslide run-off election, capturing 67% of the votes. The new mayor’s victory speech encouraged his fellow city dwellers to embrace inclusivity and opportunities for all.

Great job, Montgomery! Congratulations, to you, Mr. Reed, and to your entire family!

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