March 23, 2018 08:15 AM CDT

SAN ANTONIO, TX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BTL: Today marks BTL Technologies, Inc.’s 12th year of providing high-quality Medical Staffing, Information Technology and Professional Services workforce solutions to Federal and commercial sectors. The company was birthed from the dreams of Founder/CEO, Bill “Clark” Kent, starting as a one-man show then blossoming into today’s 100+ employee base. Headquartered in San Antonio, with a regional office in Montgomery, Alabama, BTL offers a presence in 13 states, including Washington, DC.

In their first seven years, BTL grew 200% and increased their office space from 640 sq ft to 2600 sq ft. This constituted a major accomplishment by most accounts but particularly for a minority-owned company in an environment where history has shown 20% of all small businesses fail the first year and only 50% make it to their fifth year. Not only has BTL survived those crucial milestone years, but in 2017, their revenue was close to $10 million.

In looking ahead, along with fulfilling the Medical and Professional Service needs of their customers, BTL is excited about also focusing on IT compliance, in particular, Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) and Cloud Computing migration services. They will also identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks for commercial businesses. To help accommodate this expansion, their Montgomery Alabama office has become BTL’s Digital Development Division (D3), allowing for powerful alliances to be formed with both small and large businesses.

Mr. Kent, who is also a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, reflected on this celebration by stating, “Strategically, our vision is economic empowerment for people of our community so we can all leave a legacy of prosperity for future generations. We owe our success in doing so to the fact that we first empower our customers through our professional workforce solutions, just as our mission states. And finally, our motto is to empower our future. Therefore, I envision BTL enjoying many more years of service nationally and why not globally as well!”


About BTL Technologies, Inc.

Incorporated in 2006, BTL has 12 years of experience providing quality Healthcare, Information Technology and Professional Service solutions to the Federal and commercial sectors. As a financially sound company led by an experienced leadership team, this San Antonio, Texas-based company, with a regional office in Montgomery, Alabama, encompasses 13 states, including the District of Columbia. They employ highly-skilled and driven team members who maintain a single focus to deliver the highest quality services. BTL’s core values of integrity, quality, and flexibility permeate the entire organization from the CEO to the newest team member.


BTL Technologies, Inc.
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