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Meredith ‘Jay’ Jackson

If something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well.


  • Program Manager for USAF/DCAPES project
  • Designed BTL Digital and Software Development Division (DSDD)


Meredith ‘Jay’ Jackson is a Retired, Major (O-4) of the United States Air Force. His duties included, but are not limited to, Computer Programming, System Analyst, Air Force Master Instructor, Detachment Commander (IS Training), Computer Research & Development Lead, DBA, System Developer, Department of Defense and NATO Instructor, and Process Improvement Modeling. Meredith has also served as a consultant in his past work experience where his duties included, but are not limited to, teaching Project Management, Database Management, Information Systems Concepts, Network Design, Microsoft Office SW Applications, Acquired HW solutions for business applications, Designed IT solutions for Businesses, Event Planner for large National Conferences, and designing Process Improvement Models to support non-profit strategic planning.


Meredith has accrued numerous community and service awards.